Car Maintenance 101

Look. We all have places to be, but we don’t know shit about our cars, much less how to take care of them! Learn the basics on car maintenance so you’re not so basic.



Climbing Outdoors 101

Learn the ropes on climbing with other bad women who love to explore, but maybe are a little bit afraid of heights. Okay maybe a lot.



Stick and Poke 101


Think of it as embroidery but instead of thread it’s ink and instead of fabric it’s your skin. Yikes… are we even allowed to do this? Oh wait, yes we are because we can do whatever the fuck we want.


Get to Know Mary Jane

Look out for the next one!

We love weed. We love it, but how much do we actually know about it? Learn what to look for when buying, the real difference between Indica and Sativa, and more importantly how to roll a sick joint.


Sex Re-Education

As womxn, it is safe to say many of us were never properly taught Sex Ed in school. And even if we were, it was likely by a very uncomfortable gym/science teacher that didn’t even know his own butt from a clit. We’ve all gotten through life more or less okay when it comes to sex, but who the FUCK is okay with just okay?! We’re all learning how to be a boss in the streets these days but what about in the sheets?


Woodworking 101

FINALLY. Woodworking for womxn ONLY! 

This isn't your normal crafting workshop. Woodworking is a predominant trade here in Vancouver, but such a mystery to most of us! Learn the basics of how to use woodworking tools so you can apply your new skillz to home projects. It's time to get your hands dirty! 



Finance 101


The best things in life are free… but we still want (and need) money. Learn how to manage your finances like a bo$$.


skateboarding copy.jpg

Skateboarding 101

Look out for the next one!

You’re never too old to learn! We’re partnering with Vancouver’s amazing skate community to bring you a fun day of learning how to skateboard and therefore easily increasing your cool points three fold.

fernando-aguilar-1199142-unsplash (2).jpg

Knife Sharpening

Look out for the next one!

Nothing sucks more than trying to cut a tomato and realizing your knife is so fucking dull that it crushes it instead. The Bad Academy is partnering with the experts at Knifewear to give you the bad skills you need to keep your knives in tip-top shape! As an added bonus, you'll get your own whetstone to take home!



Bike Maintenance 101

Read my lips: No more uncomfortable trips to the bike shop. In this 2-hour workshop we're partnering with the bad womxn of Sidesaddle Bikes to help you get to know your ride inside and out and, more importantly, how to keep her running smoothly through all the fucked-up seasons of Vancouver.


max-delsid-479103-unsplash (1).jpg

Butchery 101


Some of us eat meat and that’s okay! Learn how to choose the best cuts of meat, how to properly butcher, and how to prepare meat. And yes. There will be eating involved.


What do you want to learn?

We have a spreadsheet that is FILLED with ideas, but we want to hear from you! Have an idea? Want to learn a skill but don’t know where to look? Do you have skills and want to teach?

Send us a message