I’m a bad woman with some bad skills. Can I teach a workshop?

Absofuckinglutely. We are always looking for new workshops to run and are happy to talk to you about what you can bring to The Bad Academy! Shoot us a message!

Where are these workshops hosted?

At the moment, we operate solely in Vancouver, BC at various venues that will tolerate our shenanigans, but there’s a dream to be bad all over this fucking world.

Are you inclusive?

How we define “women” is broad and open to change. We include cis-women and trans women, as well as gender-fluid and folks identifying on the femme-spectrum. Trans men are also welcome. A hetero cis-woman runs this organization and she fully recognizes she probably doesn’t know shit, but tries and hopes you appreciate that <3

I love this concept, but I can’t afford to attend.

Don’t fret! We all have fallen on hard times at some point. We want to be as inclusive as possible, and that includes people from different socio-economic backgrounds. Email us directly and we’ll work something out! Don’t be shy.

How frequent are these workshops and do they repeat?

To be honest, we don’t know. This is all very new to us and we’re still trying to figure it out! At this point, workshops are scheduled and launched when we have a complete idea (instructor, place to host it, etc) and if it is popular, we definitely want to do it again to give everyone an opportunity to attend!

Can I bring friends?

Um ah doy. Please do and tell her to bring her mom.

Is there a waitlist if something is sold out?

Yes! Just email us and we’ll add your name. Look at you being on top of your shit… you bad.

Can I help?

Girl yes. We are up to our tits in things to do and love that you want to contribute! Shoot us a message!

Any other questions?

Message us here or slide into our DMs!