About Us


If I have to make another fucking wreath I’m going to lose it.

Not all womxn like to craft. Not all womxn like to arrange flowers. To quote Amy Poehler: “Good for her, not for me.” The Bad Academy was born out of two principles: 1. We really like being around other womxn learning, sharing, and being vulnerable, and 2. We’re okay with crafting workshops, but we crave a place to learn atypical skills that we were either never taught or were always very curious about.

Here at The Bad Academy we seek out bad womxn in our community that have made it happen for themselves and want to share their skills and craft with those of us that want to learn and have fun. Whether it’s learning how to talk about and drink whiskey from a female whiskey sommelier, or knowing the basics on how to skateboard from a local legendary female skateboarder, we’re here to be your guide and introduce you to your own bad self.

Our community is built around mutual respect for each other and our want to experience new things. Welcome.